Friday, May 29, 2009

A Return to Family Picnics...

This great book is about having fun in the sun. In Vancouver, winter is so long and wet, that it is nice to go outside and take time to relax and enjoy good food. The author, chef Russell Cronkhite, provides great and simple recipes, plus the photography is really beautiful (some watermelon on the cover) and evocative of good times.
Why am I telling you about this book? Because of the recipe for the old fashion ice cream soda, or as my kids call it: a float!

What you need for a Blondie:

Cream soda
Vanilla syrup
Coffee Ice Cream
Whipped Cream

What you do:
- Mix the syrup with a little whipped cream in the bottom of each glass. Add in the ice cream, and then slowly pour in the cold soda, allowing the bubbles to create the signature, sweet, frothy foam.

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