Monday, July 27, 2009

MM Fondant

This is a nice twist on fondant... with marshmallows... mmm... really good!!!

  1. 500 gr. marshmallows

  2. 2 tablespoons of water

  3. 2 lbs. icing sugar

First, sprinkle the water over the marshmallows and microwave them to melt or melt them in a double boiler. Now, you must knead the sugar into the melted marshmallows adding a little at a time. Do not use all the sugar unless you have to. The proper consistency will be about like Playdough. You can also add vanilla or almond extracts or any other flavour you choose during the kneading process. After you have it well kneaded, you will want to wrap it tightly and let it rest for 15-30 minutes ( I always make it the night before).

While working with the marshmallow fondant, have some Crisco or any shortening handy to keep the work surface, rolling pin, and your hands lightly greased. This will help keep the fondant from sticking and also helps the surface of the fondant maintain a glossy shine. If you find your fondant is still too sticky, knead in a bit more sugar.

Now, you are ready to cover your cake with it. Enjoy it!

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