Thursday, March 18, 2010

Duff Fondant at Michaels!

I had the opportunity to try this new Duff fondant the other day... quite yummy! Flavourwise: it is quite good, specially the Yellow Fondant with a very nice lemon flavour. I love that one!
It seems to me, this fondant behaves very similar to the chocolate fondant... it stretches forever!!! So, it is tricky to work with it. Not to mention adding colours! When you add colours, it gets really sticky...
But, I would say it is nice to cover a cake with. Also, the red fondant looked and tasted very good. I tried to go to a website, mentioned on the label, regarding instructions on how to use that fondant... No way! No instructions at all...
So, I found some suggestions by Duff himself: "Another trick of the trade: Have shortening on hand -- preferably "a very neutral vegetable oil that's been hydrogenated," like Crisco -- so you can loosen up fondant that's too firm. (Conversely, if it's too loose, use corn starch to firm it up.)"
Good luck with it!

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