Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Once upon a time... Lovestruck!

Every year we are proud of being part of Lovestruck.  This year our theme was Snow White... and everything that tells us about that wonderful fairy tale.  So, I just wanted to share with you some pictures... but there are a lot more to come.  The whole event was beautiful and enjoyable, thanks to the efforts and coordination of Angela Girard who made sure everything was absolutely perfect!

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fatimatrix said...

Cecilia ¡que maravilla! wow, me quedé de piedra al ver el mosaico. Pero me encantó más si cabe, la tarta de "Blancanieves", que delicadeza, que tierna y que bien representada, pues veo a Blancanieves cantando junto al pozo sujetando tan bello pájaro. Tus creaciones hacen soñar, debe ser maravilloso ver la cara de tus clientes...