Monday, March 21, 2011

Eat, pray and love...

How was your weekend?  Ours was quiet.  We didn't do much, mostly stayed home, made some goodies for the kids that are enjoying their spring holidays, relaxed... and somehow, I felt like praying...
My friend Melissa shared this prayer with us:
Prayer for Japan (translated from a prayer that circulated in Spanish for the people affected by the Chilean earthquake last year)

Lord, I want to say THANK YOU, because today I woke up and I knew where my loved ones were.
Because this morning my house is standing,
Because this morning I'm not crying for my children, my husband, my parents, my brother or sister who need to be rescued,
Because this morning I can drink a glass of water,
Because this morning I'm not planning a funeral,
and more than anything I thank the Lord I'm still alive and
I have a voice to pray for the people of Japan
Lord, I pray to You, the One who makes the impossible possible,
the One who transforms darkness into light,
I ask that you strengthen these mothers,
give them the peace that passeth all understanding.
Open the paths for help to arrive, You can provide doctors, nurses, food,
water and everything they need in a blink of an eye.
For those who lost their families, give them peace, hope and courage to carry on.
Protect Your children mightily.
I pray in Jesus name! AMEN.

Please pass this prayer on to others so that we may pray together for the people of Japan. We are truly blessed here!

Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your prayers with me!  Other people have been busy, also, doing things to show how much they care and to show support, too.  The people from the photography blog  Craquelier were busy making origami birds to send together with their best wishes to Japan.  This is the beautiful collage they came up with
To learn more about the people that participated in this creation, visit the blog Craquelier
My husband and I wanted to participate, and we made these origami birds thinking in particular of David, Mariko, and the kids...
We wanted to send you all our love... We are so happy to hear that you are all right, things are gradually getting better, and that you feel this crisis will be effectively overcome. 
For the people from Vancouver that has kids on spring holidays, the Vancouver Aquarium is donating $1, from each ticket sold this week, for the Japan relief effort.  So, there you are.  A nice place to take your kids while at the same time helping Japan.  See you at the Aquarium!

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