Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to make a Fondant Chick to decorate your Easter cupcakes...

As I promise, Elisa, here is the Fondant Chick Tutorial... You will need a small amount of white, yellow, and orange fondant.
Take the white fondant ball and, with your ball tool, make it into a small cup .  Flatten the sides.
With a sharp tool, knife, or scissors, cut the edges, so they look like a broken egg shell...
Take 2/3 of the yellow fondant ball, form it into a ball, and glue it with your edible glue to the egg shell.  Take the rest of the yellow fondant and form a ball for the head.  Glue it to the fondant body.
With orange fondant, form small beak and attach with edible glue.  Paint the eyes with a black food marker.
And it is ready!  You can add wings and flower on his head, if you want...
So?  Isn't he cute or what?  It's ready for your cupcakes... or brownies... or anything!
Happy Easter!

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