Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to make a Fondant Bunny Rabbit

 Ready for the Easter Bunny?

We will start with the shape of an egg, any colour you like...

And then, you will need 5 white fondant balls: 4 pea size balls and 1 bigger ball for the head

So, with 2 of the white pea size balls, form feet and attach with edible glue

Now you will have the feet attached, you need to form the head with the bigger white fondant ball, and add a very small pink fondant ball for nose and mouth. Attach head with glue and you could add a fine spaghetti just in case. Add ears with edible glue and paint eyes with edible marker...

And now it is time to attach the arms which have been done out of 2 of the white pea size balls, as shown in picture 2.

You will probably will get carried away and add a little chick, too... Or a carrot...

Whatever you do, just have fun! And have a great Easter weekend!

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